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This Guide Will Help You If:

* You want to have more time and financial freedom, but you feel trapped
* You realise acquisition can help you grow but you don’t know how to go about it
* You feel you don’t have the right mindset or the right energy
* You don’t know any way to grow other than organically - or how to drive that growth
* You don’t really know what you want
* You don’t have the skills or the support and you know you need a team around you.
​* You don’t have the money to grow, although you need to reinvest in your business
This Ebook Will Help You If:

* You want to learn how to buy a business without upfront investment
* You'd like a more in depth look at business buying strategies and how deals are structured
* You're interested in business buying from an investment perspective
* You're a property investor or entrepreneur looking at alternative assets
* You're employed and have the stamina and determination to generate wealth for yourself. Maybe you've seen a business for sale and want to learn how to buy a company
This Training Is For You If:

* You want to buy a business, but you want to do it without investment as you don't have upfront capital
​* You're an entrepreneur looking for ways to expand and grow your wealth
* Y​ou're an existing business owner  who understands how buying your supply chain can elevate your company
* You want to understand how to finance a business acquisition, and what tools and templates you need to analyse an opportunity
* You've done a business buying course previously and would like a refresher
You want to understand how to value a company quickly
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