All The Tools You Need To Buy A Profitable Business 

Running a business is tough. 
Even when you’re doing well, easily covering all of your bills and living a good lifestyle, it can still be stressful. 
Are you living your ideal lifestyle? 
Maybe you own a business that can run without you, but you haven’t yet got enough cash to live the lifestyle or give you the security you crave. 

When will you hit your financial goals?

Wherever you are right now, if you’re growing your business organically it’s going to take a long time to reach your goals. It could be another 5 years of slogging away before your business: 

a) Is big enough to fund your dream lifestyle, or 
b) Has the right managers in place to let you step back from the day-to-day work.    

Still swapping time for money?

Or perhaps your business can’t cope without you and you’re still exchanging your time for money. You’re wondering how long it’s going to take to get your business to the stage where you can hire someone to cover your role in the business. 

Perhaps you’ve spent many years growing your business organically, and it’s fun and exhilarating at times, but also a massively hard slog that you’re growing tired of now…

Or you’ve already achieved a degree of financial freedom but you’re still tied to your business and it can’t function without you… Maybe you’re hungry to kick your business onto the next level and you want that last pillar of wealth in place that’s going to cement your future…
Guy Bartlett, Founder of The Business Buyers Club
I’ve done the organic growth slog and I can tell you that buying businesses offers a far more lucrative and liberating way to create the life you really want. And the truth is, it’s not as difficult to get started as you might think, especially with:
* Deeper insights into the pitfalls that I discovered during my own acquisition journey
* A business and social support network surrounding you
* A listening ear when you need it and the right advice at the right time
* Professional, reliable help on the legal and accountancy sides of things

The Business Buying Blueprint online course was created for entrepreneurs, business and franchise owners, as well as investors looking to build their assets, without going through all the mistakes I made! It encapsulates ALL my years of experience and deal making, fine-tuned to provide people like you with the support, resources and toolkit you need to buy a business. 

Blueprint is a distillation of years of experience and a huge amount of knowledge, packed into an online course, with the aim of passing that knowledge to you.
In Business Buying Blueprint we walk you through:  
1. All the practical steps you need at the start, such as how to find a business and how to value it  
2. Your marketing activity, using our templates and  how to set up your acquisition company and website 
3. Putting a proposal together and creating a win-win deal for both you and the vendor  
4. Building rapport and how to follow a specific process to achieve the best possible deal 
5. The mindset you need to ensure you tackle the business buying process in the right way and don’t let anything hold you back  
6. All the steps of the legal process and who to bring in to support you 
7. What happens after you’ve bought the company and how to ensure the business continues to thrive and grow  
8. How you can ultimately exit the business  
Our members get access to all of the tools, spreadsheets, templates and checklists, as well as our network of contacts. These include funders, 
Your Programme Plan
Module One: Establishing Your Why and Your Financial Freedom 
Module Two: Market Sectors, Positioning and Branding  
Module Three: Targeting Prospective Deals  
Module Four: Deal Analysis and Valuations  
Module Five: Deal Structuring, Offers and Negotiation  
Module Six: Due Diligence and The Sale and Purchase Process  
Module Seven: Post-Acquisition Integration – the 90-Day Plan  
Module Eight: How to Manage an Asset, not Buy a Job  
Module Nine: How to Reinvest Your Profits Tax Efficiently  
Module Ten Part A: Mindshaping for Super Success 
Module Ten Part B: Legal presentation 
Plus we're continually adding new material all the time and updating all the resources.

What you’ll learn with the Business Buying Blueprint and the Business Buyers Club

  • There’s more to acquiring businesses than simply learning the process, and that’s exactly what I’m aiming to teach you through the Blueprint:
  • You’ll start with the practical steps you need at the beginning, like finding a business and valuing it correctly
  • But we’ll go way deeper than that, looking at your marketing activity, giving you templates to use and showing you how to set up your own acquisition company and website.
  • You’ll learn how to put proposals together, creating win-win deals for you and the vendor.
  • You’ll realise the importance of great rapport and glean the specific process that guarantees the best possible deal.
  • You’ll understand and develop the right mindset to tackle the business buying process the best way, without letting anything hold you back.
  • You’ll discover every step of the legal process and how to put together the right team to support you through it.
  • You didn’t think we’d leave it at the deal did you?! You’ll find out how to ensure the business you’ve just bought continues to thrive and generate more money post-deal.
  • And finally, you’ll learn how you can exit the business when you’re ready.

The exhaustive online training videos…

You’ll watch more than 100 of my videos, over 11 modules that take you through everything I’ve learnt over the last two decades.
From establishing your “why” and gaining financial freedom to positioning your brand in the right market sectors, and deal structuring and due diligence to the purchase process and the post-acquisition plan, you’ll get it all.  

The monthly group calls…

You’ll spend two hours every month being coached live by me on Zoom plus you will meet my team of trusted advisors who support me and my Buying team at Fidelis Group

 You’ll discover what others in The Business Buyers Club are doing and share best practice
 We'll put you in the “hot seat” to solve your challenges and coach you to overcome anything that’s holding you back
 I will make sure you understand all the fundamental business buying strategies from Blueprint
 You'll keep learning new strategies as they emerge with practical ways to implement them
 And you'll become a Professional Dealmaker with more knowledge, practical tools, strategies and self confidence

Ask us anything and we’ll give you answers based on two decades of knowledge and experience acquiring profitable, self-running businesses. 

The email and WhatsApp support…

But if that   question is burning and you want an answer right away, search our extensive Knowledge Base built up over countless coaching sessions in the past 6 years or fire it over to our zen desk support service. If you need help as you work through the video programme, this comes in really handy too.
You’ll always get a response within the time you need it, whether that’s an email or a quick call that tells you everything you want to know. 

All the tools you need…

Every Blueprint member receives access to our arsenal of tools, templates, spreadsheets and checklists that’ll help you make sure you’re always on track, working to the right principles and making the best deals possible. 

Access to the network… 

You’ll enjoy access to our entire network of contacts, including other buyers, private equity funders, high net worth investors and sellers too. A huge part of enjoying the business acquisition journey is sharing it as you go.In the private Blueprint Facebook and WhatsApp groups you’ll find a new group of likeminded friends, business owners and entrepreneurs in the same boat you’re in.  Share ideas, swap stories, ask for advice and enjoy immediate responses from many more people who really get how you’re feeling. 
How it Works
If you choose our payment plan, each month you'll get access to the next three modules of the programme. Or, you can access the entire course immediately when you choose the single payment option.  
Some of our Blueprint members have other commitments and want to take their time, while others want to get moving quickly.  
For instant access today your investment is just £5417 + VAT 
You can buy The Business Buying Blueprint in two ways: 
1.  One single payment of £5417+ VAT
2.  3 interest free payments of £1986 + VAT 

PLUS - You Get These Added Bonuses

BONUS 1 - LIVE Support

So you can buy your business with confidence
You’ll spend at least two hours every month being coached live by Guy on Zoom plus you will meet his team of trusted advisors who support him and the Buying team at Fidelis Group.
We've never offered this level of support on our online programme before.
* You’ll discover what others in The Business Buyers Club are doing and share best practice
* We'll put you in the “hot seat” to solve your challenges and coach you to overcome anything that’s holding you back
* We will make sure you understand all the fundamental business buying strategies from Blueprint
* You'll keep learning new strategies as they emerge with practical ways to implement them
And you'll become a Professional Dealmaker with more knowledge, practical tools, strategies and self confidence.
Ask us anything and we’ll give you answers based on two decades of knowledge and experience acquiring profitable, self-running businesses. 

BONUS 2 - Access to Funders and Finance for Your Deal

You may already understand the principles of leveraging assets to fund a purchase, but we’ll take you through all of the options for funding with some examples of real deals, in preparation for your own purchase. 
One of the major benefits of The Business Buyers Club is that our members have access to our specialist deal funders and investors for buying businesses. 

When the time is right we'll help you to find the finance you need for your deal.

No other training provider offers this kind of access.
Choose Your Payment Plan

Our Elite Programme members work through this programme over 12 months, and you may want to complete the modules over a similar timescale, although it’s definitely possible to work faster if you want to.
Just to be clear, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. BUT, if you put the work in and invest your time wisely, you can generate more wealth in 1-2 years than most business owners will see in a decade of organic growth. 

If you’re ready to move to the next level and you’re prepared to put in the work required then this is an exceptional opportunity. 

Our FAQs are below, but if you have any other questions please call us on 0161 883 1829 or email 

We want our members to be successful, get the most out of Blueprint - and of course to get that first deal! We like to check in regularly to see how you're getting on in between your Zoom support calls, using our WhatsApp and social groups. 

 Do I need extensive business experience to follow the programme?
You’ll need some experience, yes, but we don’t expect everyone to have the level of knowledge in this area that Guy and the team have – that’s why we created the Blueprint. The course was built to provide you with all the knowledge (or experts) you need.  
 What if I need help?
We have a support desk for Blueprint members who need help as they progress. 
 How long will it take to complete a deal?
Every member and every deal are different. Some people are already quite experienced and want to hit the ground running, while others want to take their time and build their knowledge and confidence. There are no set rules, but on average most people complete a deal within 6-12 months. 
 How much of my time day-to-day will I need to study?
Again, that’s entirely up to you and dependent on your circumstances. We have members who work on their acquisition alongside their current job or business while others are dedicated full time. 
 How long will it take to complete the course?
Every member is different, and you can work at your own pace. How long it takes is down to you and the amount of time you have to put into your learning. 
 Where will I find companies to buy?
There are two routes available to you. The first is through the broker network and we have a list of recommended brokers who know us well and understand how our deals are structured. The second route is by direct marketing and we supply all the templates that we have tested expensively and use in our own acquisitions. 
 Where will I find all the experts I need e.g. lawyers, funders etc.?
Blueprint members have access to a full panel of trusted experts and advisors who are familiar with the Club and how we work. 
 What if I don't know how to run the business post acquisition?
We’re not expecting you to run the business. If you’ve followed the process step by step your new business will have in place a tier of management who will continue to run the business after the sale. This process is about investment, not buying a job although some people do want to become more hands on with their new company, and that’s fine too. Most however want to move on to the next deal while having a more overarching, high level involvement. 

David Hall, MD Beeches Kids and Training ltd 

 "Guy's knowledge of business acquisition is second to none" 

Guy robustly identified flaws within the deal structure of the acquisition. He was also able to restructure the business deal to make it appealing to the vendor and to the bank to enable me to get finance.
 However, at the financing stage, there were a number of hurdles I wasn't accustomed to. Guy’s knowledge was exemplary and helped to navigate me through the maze of financing the acquisition. We were then able to agree a financing package with a high street bank with Guy's input.
Guy also guided me through all the due diligence and legal processes to completion and after the acquisition of the business, a number of challenges surfaced. His knowledge of business acquisition is second to none. He aptly resolved post acquisition disputes.
 I would highly recommend Guy to any budding entrepreneur who is seeking to acquire their first company or would like to build a portfolio of businesses

Andy Gosling, Web Developer

“I’d never really considered buying a business before. What triggered it was getting an email from an ecommerce site I order from saying, “We’re shutting up shop”. It’s in an area I’m into, and the business owner uses technology that I’ve used for many years, so I asked if he’d thought about selling the business.

There was a lot of back and forth, but once the conversations between the seller and me started to get serious I thought I’d better find out how to go about buying a business. I talked to my accountant, looked around a bit and came across Guy. I did some research and decided to book onto Guy’s one-day seminar in London.

Looking back, I got a lot out of it, and that single day helped me to purchase the ecommerce business. It gave me lots of pointers towards things I should look at, and a clear explanation of how to structure a deal. I really warmed to Guy, and I like his approach of looking at profitable businesses rather than buying a basket case business for £1 and turning it round. That has its place, but Guy’s approach is a less risky proposition.
I’ve since gone on to do the Intensive course and I’m now in talks with two different vendors. It’s early days but I’m building up my pipeline and I have a definite plan I’m working towards.”

Paul Pearse, Investor and Business Acquirer

If you take for instance, the Glazer family, an American family who purchased Manchester United. I'd heard they hadn't actually incurred any personal risk while doing that and I thought, that's impossible. This is well over a decade ago and then I came across the business buyers club, where they actually teach you how they did it and how I could do it.
What do I get from the Club? It's the  access to legal help, accountancy help ,insight into the pitfalls, what to look out for, what is profitable, what isn't profitable, etcetera. There's a lot. So I get a lot from The Club.

Lee Smith, Property Investor

“If you want to improve your life and learn how to buy companies, this is the best place in the UK I’ve found. Guy is really good and comes from a place of integrity.”

Ricky Knight, Fitness Clubs Owner

“Where it has exceeded my expectations is with the toolkit it’s provided me. I feel confident that I have a step by step process to buy a company. The course has delivered in all areas.”

“There are loads of reasons not to do it (the course) but what it came down to for me was – where do you want to be in 3 years time? 5 years time? Is what you’re doing right now going to get you there? This is the vehicle for me.”

“I can absolutely guarantee that this course over delivers on its price tag.”

“The main thing about working with Guy is that integrity is really high in his values. Guy wants to make sure everyone who completes the course goes out and buys a business.”

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