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About The Business Buying Blueprint

What is this Blueprint?

The Business Buying Blueprint is a World Class toolkit giving you EVERY aspect of the process.  From figuring out how much money you want to make and why, to positioning yourself for success, to finding quality Deals, to Valuations and Structuring, plus Negotiation strategies and finally how to successfully Integrate your acquisition for long term success.  

Successive entrepreneurs, business and franchise owners and property investors have all learned how to successfully acquire 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses across many sectors in the UK and overseas using our Blueprint as their core toolkit.

You too can benefit from 20 years of Guy's experience in buying 11 companies of his own companies with £26 million in revenues PLUS his experience advising on over 150 deals.  All of that is captured in the Blueprint to give you the support, resources and toolkit you need to buy a business properly.

One Programme, Two Ways To Learn

The Business Buying Blueprint

The 5 step formula captured in 5 highly detailed modules that includes downloadasble tools and templates that Guy uses himself in his own deals.  PLUS a Bonus module in which Guy shares all the wealth building tools he wished he'd know 15 years ago! 

Blueprint Coaching

Buy the online programme and you can apply for LIVE coaching support directly with Guy.  Every month, at multiple locations across the UK, you can apply to spend a full afternoon devling into any aspect of the process you need help with.  PLUS our weekly accountability programme and our member support team on hand to help you secure your deals. 

You Decide Which Programme Is Right For You

Dependent on how experienced you are and how much support you need

Who is Blueprint For?

This programme is for business owners, property investors, franchise owners and entrepreneurs who want to: 

  • Speed up organic and personal growth - massively
  • Own a business or multiple businesses where the asset value will create real ‘wealth freedom’
  • ​Own a business that gives you substantial cash every time you buy AND throws off surplus cash at the end of each month
  • Own an asset which gives you enough time to do the other important things in life too...
When You Invest in The Business Buying Blueprint You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Module 1: Establishing Your Why

* Your wealth profile
* Your acquisition framework
* The financial freedom formula
* Your mindset and focus
* Your why and the bigger picture

Outcome: A clear acquisition plan to take to the next stage

Module 2: Positioning and deal flow

* Setting up your holding company
* Choosing market sectors and geography
* Your positioning, branding and online presence
* The business broker model and how to deal with them
* Deal flow

Outcome: Company set up, targets identified, deal flow system set up

Module 3: Valuations and deal structuring

* How to correctly value a business
* Balance sheets, and how to use them for leverage
* Using our three key analytical tools
* Different types of deal structures
* Finance options and how to raise finance

Outcome: Opportunities identified and analysed, deal structured,  funding in principle, deal team established

Module 4: Negotiations

* Sale and purchase agreements
* Sourcing funding
* Building rapport with your seller
* Due diligence
* The legal process and smooth completion

Outcome: Deal completed!

Module 5: Your first 90 days

*Your cash flow forecast and financial dashboard
* Post acquisition integration
* Organisation, team and culture
* Your acquisition vehicle
* Core business functions and organisational review

PLUS: Bonus Modules

* Scaling and Exiting for multiple 7 figures
* How to use SSAS pensions to reduce Corporation Tax and invest in more businesses
* How to build a successful management team
* Our Massive resource and call recordings library
* Access to our team of legal, tax and business growth/mindset coaches

Outcome: Comprehensive plan established for your new business

Here's a summary of everything you get to progress you to the end goal ...

The Complete Business Buying Blueprint

So you can get the help and support you need to not only discover WHAT it is you need to do to grow your business, but actually get help to get it done it too - without years old hard slog and mistakes.

The programme takes you through all the steps, with clear outcomes at every stage, to get you to your first deal. 

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions

So you can ask questions, progress your business buying activities, and get access to Guy's knowledge and experience directly with him in the room.
Every month you spend an afternoon with Guy (and regular expert guests) where he’ll answer questions and give advice, helping you to keep moving forward with your current deals. The sessions are in London, Manchester, Darlington and soon to be Birmingham always ahead of our lively UK M&A Networking events.  

There is no fixed contract - you book what you need when you need it.

Access to the WhatsApp Student Group 

So you can strategise and get help from previous students that are also buying businesses - share in the banter too with this lively group!
The network of professionals, suppliers and entrepreneurs who are on the same path as you continues to expand. In our WhatsApp group, you'll be able to ask direct questions, get input on your own deals from Guy, the team and other members, and learn from the deals that others in the group are working on.

Accountability & Support

So you can stay on track throughout the process and make sure you get your deal (or deals) completed. 

No matter how motivated or positive you are…
No matter how great you think you are… 
Without accountability, you will give up!

Studies have consistently found that those that are held accountable to their external commitments achieve 10 times more than those that do not.
Why? Because external motivation is stronger than internal motivation. We have noticed those that who consistently turn up and do the tasking get quicker and faster results.
We want this to work for you and that is why we will over-deliver for you. It is a vital step on our journey together and we are here to support you in the best way possible.

Exclusive members only website and resources

Enjoy our Members Only area where you can access resources and videos which are only available to The Club. These resources are updated regularly so that you have the latest information, tools and insights needed to help you buy your business. The Member Directory is your 'little black book' of fellow dealmakers and a valuable knowledge pool whether you want to JV, pass on a lead (or receive one) or just get to know others in the community.

You'll also be able to access our full recordings library and searchable Resource Centre, packed with information to support your journey. 

Exclusive members only community

Join our new 'Hub' and get involved in some of the live challenges and discussions with other members. 
Our members benefit from a vibrant ecosystem where they can ask questions, share experiences, and engage in meaningful discussions. It's a place where challenges are turned into opportunities and where learning never stops. Together, we celebrate victories, offer guidance during setbacks, and provide invaluable connections. The Business Buyers Club community isn't just a network; it's a catalyst for personal and professional growth, where members empower each other to achieve success in their business acquisitions endeavours.

Your Success - GUARANTEED!

The Business Buying Blueprint

You have a 24 month guarantee which commences from the date of the start of your programme. We expect you to complete your first deal within 6-8 months. If you haven't bought your business after 12 months we'll work with you for another year. After 24 months in the programme you can obtain a 100% money back refund on your course fees if you haven't achieved your goal, providing that you have:
(i) used the programme for the entire guarantee period; and
(ii) worked through all the modules, attended all the available coaching, completed the accountability support diligently and can be seen to be taking necessary action.

This guarantee is in place to ensure that if you take action, we are backing your success in the programme.

The Business Buying Blueprint

One single payment of £3,000 + VAT
3 interest free payments of £1,100 + VAT
Online only, fully comprehensive programme for members who are comfortable going through the process with minimum support.
You can choose to apply for Blueprint Coaching whenever you're ready. 

Blueprint Coaching

Application only

You must have bought The Business Buying Blueprint to qualify

Do You Have A Business Partner? 

If you're working with a partner they need to "get it" too so business partners can attend Coaching sessions at a full 50% discount. 

Book A Demo

Ready to take the first step towards transforming your business acquisition journey? 

Booking a one-to-one demo call with us is your opportunity to explore the immense value of our Business Buying Blueprint programme. We understand that the world of buying businesses can seem complex and challenging, and that's exactly why our tailored demo sessions are designed to address your specific questions and concerns. During this call, you'll get a first hand look at how our course can equip you with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and secure profitable acquisitions.

Don't let uncertainty hold you back.

Book your demo call today, and let's start you on your path to success in the world of business acquisitions. 

Hear From Some Of Our Students
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Paul Pearse, Investor and Business Acquirer

If you take for instance, the Glazer family, an American family who purchased Manchester United. I'd heard they hadn't actually incurred any personal risk while doing that and I thought, my God, that's impossible. This is well over a decade ago, and then I came across The Business Buyers Club, where they actually teach you how they did it, and how I could do it.
There’s so much that I get out of the Club: access to legal help, accountancy help, insight into the pitfalls, what to look out for, what is profitable, what isn't profitable, etcetera. And Guy’s a genuine man. He gets a thrill, I think, from what he's doing, and in helping others to do it too.  He's building a very, very impressive network. It's really growing, and I'm happy to be part of it. 

Carl Doherty, Business Buyer

“Support. That's the biggest thing. I think when you're buying a business or looking to purchase a business, it is a process which is very learnable, but like most things, once you start getting involved with it, there's a lot of nuances there. I wanted that touch point, someone at the end of the phone that I could speak to and just guide me.
For anyone who's contemplating buying and selling businesses, this can take you from zero, to actually purchasing your first company. For sure.
I think Guy is tremendous, he's very humble, very supportive and very professional. He's a friend. I think that the relationship develops very, very quickly and he's there to help and he's genuine."

Mark Jackson, Property Investor

For me it's not just about content, it’s about the integrity of the individuals. I saw and felt that Guy was speaking from the heart and talking about things he really understood, and was talking about a whole new world of business which was so exciting."

Joe Wilson, Property Investor now buying supporting businesses

“I came across Guy when he was speaking at an event and he shared some really interesting tools. The BBC presented an opportunity for me to open up a whole new asset class. The whole thing has been wonderful. I’d recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone.

Guy is fantastic. Inspirational. His knowledge is incredibly deep and incredibly broad and he is incredibly free with it all. He gives it out with no thought to commercial gain.”

Blueprint 2.0

One single payment of £3,000 + VAT
3 interest free payments of £1,100 + VAT
Online only, fully comprehensive programme for members who are comfortable going through the process with minimum support.
You can choose to upgrade to Blueprint 2.0 PLUS at a later stage. 
 Do I need extensive business experience to follow the programme?
You’ll need some experience, yes, but we don’t expect everyone to have the level of knowledge in this area that Guy and the team have – that’s why we created the Blueprint. The course was built to provide you with all the knowledge (or experts) you need.  
 What if I need help?
We have a support desk for Blueprint members who need help as they progress. 
 How long will it take to complete a deal?
Every member and every deal are different. Some people are already quite experienced and want to hit the ground running, while others want to take their time and build their knowledge and confidence. There are no set rules, but on average most people complete a deal within 6-12 months. 
 How much of my time day-to-day will I need to study?
Again, that’s entirely up to you and dependent on your circumstances. We have members who work on their acquisition alongside their current job or business while others are dedicated full time. 
 How long will it take to complete the course?
Every member is different, and you can work at your own pace. How long it takes is down to you and the amount of time you have to put into your learning. 
 Where will I find companies to buy?
There are two routes available to you. The first is through the broker network and we have a list of recommended brokers who know us well and understand how our deals are structured. The second route is by direct marketing and we supply all the templates that we have tested expensively and use in our own acquisitions. 
 Where will I find all the experts I need e.g. lawyers, funders etc.?
Blueprint members have access to a full panel of trusted experts and advisors who are familiar with the Club and how we work. 
 What if I don't know how to run the business post acquisition?
We’re not expecting you to run the business. If you’ve followed the process step by step your new business will have in place a tier of management who will continue to run the business after the sale. This process is about investment, not buying a job although some people do want to become more hands on with their new company, and that’s fine too. Most however want to move on to the next deal while having a more overarching, high level involvement. 
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